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French Horn Lessons at Home in Snowdon

French Horn Lessons at your home or at our Music School in SnowdonFrench Horn Lessons at Home
in Snowdon
Offering innovative French Horn lessons from the convenience of your home in the Snowdon Area, Montreal Academy of Music's certified French Horn teachers are specially trained to support students through every stage of their musical development. An individualized curriculum created especially for each Academy student, ensures our students not only succeed but also stay motivated and inspired to surpass their musical goals. With a wide range of programs offered in jazz, world, electronic, classical, popular music and beyond, there is something to pique every French Horn students interests.
Whether you taking French Horn lessons as a hobby or hoping to pursue a career in music one day, the Academy's dynamic team of teachers will ensure that your experience is as rewarding and artistically challenging as possible.

French Horn lessons
are available from the comfort of your Snowdon home, from our school, or from our Accredited Academy studios located across Montreal, the West Island, Laval and the South Shore.

Featured below are some of our available in-home French Horn teachers in Snowdon. You can also visit the Teachers & Rates section of our website to search for an in-home lesson, or give us a call and we'll help you find a French Horn teacher at your home in the Snowdon area.

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Prices are of 30 mins unless otherwise specified.


Take French Horn Lessons at Your Home
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Rate: $38.50/hr
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