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Randa Bastouli
National Manager and HR Generalist
Randa joined the school in 2004 as an educational advisor. Having helped the organization grow from a team of 50 teachers in Montreal to close to 400 teachers across Quebec and Ontario, Randa is now the National Manager and HR generalist of both school divisions, the Montreal Academy of Music and the Canada Music Academy. She has been inspired by so many talented musicians who have joined the Academy and is proud to be a staff member. She also truly enjoys working with her colleagues and is happy to connect with you to make sure you feel well supported at the Academy and have everything you need to be a great success at our school!

Randa is also a Lyme Disease advocate since this illness has profoundly affected her husband. She seeks better diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease patients who are denied care in Canada.

Lisa Barroca
Manager, All You Need Music
Lisa began with the Academy in 1997 as one of the very first music students. She took guitar, voice and piano lessons until 2009 when she officially joined the Academy as an educational advisor. After working with students for a few years, Lisa moved into her current role as manager of the Academy's music store, All You Need Music. Her first hand experience as an Academy student has helped give her a unique insight into what students, teachers and store customers are looking for and she feels grateful to be part of such an inclusive and supportive musical community!

Wendy Raymond
Assistant Manager -All You Need Music
Wendy joined our organization in 2012 and comes to us with over 18 years of customer service/management skills. She is dedicated to making all customers happy. She enjoys helping students and customers choose the correct product for their needs. Wendy works out of the Brockville location, where she has built a loyal repeat clientele. Customers know her by name and enjoy the personal service she provides. The warm smile you receive at the store will welcome you in!

Ayesha Hussain
GTA Branch Manager & Educational Advisor
Ayesha has been part of the Canada Music Academy since 2010 and has been a dedicated Manager for the Toronto/GTA since she started. She absolutely loves working at the Academy and has been very popular with our students and teachers due to her friendly, helpful and professional nature. As a manager with over 20 yrs of experience, she has mastered the ins and outs of our student and teacher relationships and has helped each and every student achieve their goals with the right teacher match. She relishes being part of such an amazing team which can help inspire students and teachers musically.

Patrizia Di Tullio
Montreal Senior Academic Advisor
Patrizia joined the Academy in 2011 and is now a senior academic advisor who also assists our payroll division. She has enjoyed contributing to the organization's growth over the years while meeting some truly talented musicians who have touched the lives of so many students. The Academy has helped students further their talents and for some, even their musical professions.

Patrizia has a degree in Psychology and Sociology from Concordia University. Prior to joining the Academy she worked as a special education technician for the Montreal English School Board in several high schools. She also takes guitar lessons with one our very talented Academy teachers.
This has given her the opportunity to see first hand how great our school and teachers truly are and how successful and fun music lessons can really be.

Debbie Laderoute
School Administrator
Debbie is a resourceful addition to our team. She works from our Brockville location as school administrator and is also a customer service representative for our store, All You Need Music. She joined our team in Brockville in September 2017, having just recently moved from Montreal in the summer to enjoy the small town life.

As an advisor, Debbie loves being able to help our many students with their musical needs. She strives to optimally match students with their teacher in order to enhance students' learning potential. Debbie is there to help guide our teachers as they grow their student class.