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Guitare | Guitar: Débutant, Intermédiaire, Avancé (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

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Disponibilités | Schedule:

Lundi | Monday: 11h00 - 15h30
Lundi | Monday: 21h00 - 22h00
Lundi | Monday: 17h30 - 19h00
Mardi | Tuesday: 11h00 - 15h30
Mercredi | Wednesday: 11h00 - 15h30
Mercredi | Wednesday: 11h00 - 15h30
Jeudi | Thursday: 11h00 - 15h30
Vendredi | Friday: 11h00 - 12h00
Vendredi | Friday: 13h30 - 15h30
Vendredi | Friday: 18h00 - 20h00

*Les disponibilités de nos professeurs sont mises à jour quotidiennement. Vous choisirez la plage horaire avec votre professeur après votre inscription.

*Schedules are updated daily by our teachers. You will arrange your preferred lesson time with your teacher after you have registered.

Biographie / Biography:

Certified Montreal Academy teacher since 2011.

Bachelor of Music in Music Education Degree (University of Saskatchewan).

With 14 years of teaching experience, Stephen offers lessons to students of all ages and levels (ROCK, BLUES, FOLK, ACOUSTIC, CLASSICAL and various other genres), from beginners to those preparing for music department auditions. Whether wanting to play their favourite songs on the guitar, jam the blues, learn strumming/picking patterns and licks/riffs used by well-known guitarists and singer-songwriters, or trying their hand at playing using fingerstyle techniques, Stephen is very enthusiastic to share with his students knowledge and expertise, facilitating and guiding with an acute sense of the student's needs.

Electric and Acoustic Guitar (many genres offered):
From recordings, learning "ear" playing skills to meticulously analyze and then recognize chord shapes, scales used for improvisation, riffs, and various common techniques is essential. By memorizing complete forms of songs, studying the guitar parts within, from recordings and sheet music, students learn excellent musical skills which set them on the road to independent learning. Through study and a lot of practice of the techniques used in a song, it is incredibly motivating to gain confidence in playing well the music in a genre the student most enjoys.

Stephen regularly creates detailed charts, tabs and manuscripts (sheet music) of songs his students are interested in learning, picked in the genre chosen by the student, coinciding with the difficulty level suitable to the student's progress. Using published materials as well as drawing on the hundreds of songs he has studied, played and transcribed, Stephen categorizes pedagogical ideas by level, technique, genre, mood, tempo, etc. for the purpose of having a well-thought out set of ideas to offer to his students.

"By studying every detail of a particular part of a song, or of the entire form, from Jimi Hendrix to Mozart to J.S. Bach, students learn to play the guitar really well, and they gain an overall sense of a writer's/composer's style, something extremely valuable regarding their own stylistic development as musicians!"

Classical Guitar:
While teaching his students to play guitar music of the art music historic periods, Stephen encourages his students to play with accuracy, artistry and confidence as they discover great pieces of the repertoire. He freely applies concepts of music theory, historical context, ideas concerning form and analysis and various other important musical aspects which help give students a very thorough understanding of the music they learn and love to play. He has studied and utilized numerous published teaching methods and technical approaches which shares with his students. He brings to the teaching studio his experience of performing solo and in chamber music settings (from weekend gigs to music faculty concert series), as well as his contributions to bands and acoustic groups in a variety of musical styles/genres. His ongoing study of the repertoire, from the Renaissance period to the present, is a valuable resource to any student wishing to learn to play, or further their knowledge of the classical guitar.

Since receiving his Bachelor of Music and education from the University of Saskatchewan, Stephen has taught in the public school system and also as a faculty member for the Conservatory at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. He has conducted master classes, attended numerous teacher workshops and conferences, adjudicated at music festivals and prepared students for Royal Conservatory of Music examinations and local/provincial festivals and competitions, many of whom have received excellent grades and won first place honours awards. Recommended!

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